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NaturalTherapy.Directory membership offers you permanent ownership of your page on the NaturalTherapy.Directory website. People searching for your business will have the addition of two powerful keywords – NaturalTherapy and Directory – included in your search results. This means better local search results for your business – and more clients seeking out your products and services.

Natural Therapy DirectoryIn 2019, most people are well aware that the first place to search for a product or service is in a search engine. And that being found locally by people who are looking to buy your product – or benefit from your natural therapy services – is where the action is. That’s why your membership of NaturalTherapy.Directory is a simple solution to help boost your local search visibility and clearly identify your brand with the Natural Therapy keyword.

1. Google and Bing Replaced the Yellow Pages:

Until quite recently, the main way for Natural Therapy practitioners to find new clients was to place an ad in the Yellow Pages and wait for the phone to ring. Times have changed, though, and today a full 97% of people search for local businesses and natural therapy practitioners online.

Google is the undisputed leader of the search market. And you may have heard of the Google Algorithm – which is a complex and secret formula used to determine the ranking in which businesses appear in the search results. One of the most important ranking factors used by Google is the number of links pointing to your business website. The more, the merrier. The more high quality, relevant to your niche – even better!

2. Paid vs Free Traffic:

Advertising is still one of the largest expenses that many small businesses face. For sure, you can pay for placement with Google Ads or Facebook Ads – but you’ll quickly see you advertising spend add up and it certainly eats into your bottom line. Buying clicks to your website works – but there is another, more cost effective strategy.

Natural Therapies AustraliaBy far the best return on investment is building your backlink profile. With a solid backlink profile you can take advantage of the benefits of organic seo and gain traffic from the search engines without having to pay on a per click basis. This is achieved by building a solid base of inbound links to your website from a variety of trusted, qualified websites. Like the NaturalTherapy.Directory

If you boost your Google rankings, you will have a steady stream of free traffic just waiting to be converted into paying clients ready to visit your natural therapies practice. It sounds simple, but building a solid organic profile takes time and doesn’t just happen overnight. Membership is a step in the right direction.

3. Local Search results work:

For national and international companies, it normally takes 6 months to a year to see much improvement in Google rankings. As you might imagine, the competition for space at the top of the results is quite strong.

Natural Therapy PageBut as a local Australian Natural therapies practitioner, though, you have a major advantage. Your competitors are only the other natural therapists nearby, not those located halfway across the country. So you are directly competing with say 5 or maybe 12 practitioners in your area for the eyeballs of a prospective client searching for Natural Therapy Practitioners Australia.

The difference is, many of your local competitors have not yet begun to harness the power of local SEO. For sure, there may be one or two, but on the whole you can quietly go about creating your links and leap onto the front page of the search results with a little tweaking and some judicious link building. This means that a targeted campaign can easily land you on the first page of Google local results in as little as 30 days!

And you best ally in building local seo is local links. Welcome to NaturalTherapy.Directory and please accept our invitation for membership!